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Young family paid off $87,105 in debts in 2 years

Both Trevor and Katie earn good incomes but they wonder where it all goes.

With car loans, personal loans and credit cards totalling $87,105 they lived pay check to pay
check and saw no end in sight.

We immediately started them on a savings and debt consolidation plan finding $19,000 extra savings and using this to pay down debt and in just 2-3 years!

They are now investing every week and have $100,000 already in their share portfolio!
Still in their late 30’s they are on track to having over $1,000,000 in shares by the time they are 50.

Single parent saved home deposit in just 12 months

Natalie, a teacher and single parent, who assume homeownership was out of reach, was able to overcome financial obstacles with our guidance.

We started an Investment Portfolio with $1,000 and helped Natalie save $16,000 annually as well as secured a spot in the Government Family Deposit Scheme.

Within a year, she bought her first home, with a mortgage lower than her rent.
Three years later, equity in her home and a flourishing share portfolio, Natalie is now propeling toward further property investments.

Couple paid off their $333,000 mortgage in 4 years

Peter and Megan came to Retire Me Young saving about $15,000 per year which was a great effort.

We set them on a new plan that increased their savings to $87,000 per year.

We were able to rapidly pay down their mortgage and start investing for their retirement.

They have now purchased their dream caravan and are planning their semi retirement holiday of travelling around Australia.

Kids Share Portfolio

Every new client at Retire Me Young gets a free kids investment!

Don’t waste time with kids bank accounts. Every child should have their own share portfolio.

Did you know that if you invested $30/wk into a share portfolio until your child is 18, they would have around $80,000?

This is a deposit on their first investment property.

Book an appointment now and set you and your child up for success today!

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