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We help you pay off debt, invest and live the life of your dreams

The Retire Me Young Way

Pay off mortgage. Debt free. Credit card debt. Mortgage stress. My Budget. Debt consolidation.

Stage 1: Pay off Debt

We help you pay off your mortgage in record time.

Grow investment. Start to invest. Best savings accounts. Barefoot Investor. Financial advice.

Stage 2: Grow Investments

We start you investing so you get in control of your financial future

Grey nomads. Financial freedom. Financially secure. Living life. Superannuation. Retirement.

Stage 3: Retire Young

You can choose to retire early and live off your investments or live the lifestyle of your dreams

Professional Advice

Melissa Goodin. Melissa Tozer. Gold Coast Financial Planner. Trusted. Expert. Investments. Rich.

Melissa Goodin - Director/Senior Financial Adviser

With a background in psychology and over 12 years as a financial adviser, I help everyday Australian’s take control of their own financial destiny.

At Retire Me Young we believe your finances are the key to living life on your terms.

We help you build a plan to retire early, work part time or simply ensure you are set up financially so you can live the life of your dreams.

Mortgage broking. Save money on home loan. Cheap interest rate. Pay off home loan fast. Investment.

Mark Harrison - Mortgage Broker

At Retire Me Young we get you the best loan rate possible and structure your loan correctly to maximise tax deductions, pay it off as soon as possible and make the most of your hard earned money.

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"We believe, Melissa and Retire me Young to be  Transparent, Reliable, Trustworthy, and Knowledgeable.

Melissa is a pleasure to work with on our finances as she is able to bring her wealth of knowledge down to our level for easy understanding.

In the appointments that we have had with Melissa she tells us what she is doing and why and makes suggestions for us and asks if we are happy with the ideas she present and gives us the ‘Why’s for her suggestions.

We believe in transparency in business dealings and Ann and I have found this to be a key element and personal philosophy in Retire me Young.

Melissa has proven herself to us to be a trustworthy person and  in business professional and for these reasons we have no hesitation in recommending her to other clients." 

Tim and Ann - Brisbane

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